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Specific (ICT) Projects

Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025: Meeting challenges, grasping opportunities

The digitalisation is changing the rules of our everyday lives, our careers, our entire economy and our society. We not only want to observe this rapid transition – we want to shape it. In Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025, we show how we plan to answer the questions

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Catalogue of criteria for ICT migration – WiBe Framework

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LiMux – the IT-evolution Status of migration / Munich 2013

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Microsoft Cloud Strategy

Presentation by George Lakkotrypis, Director – Public Sector Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe

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Cost Model for Upgrading Microsoft Office or Moving to

Author: Michael A. Silver (Gartner Research G00200621 from 28 May 2010 ) “It’s important to determine how much it will cost to move from an organization’s current office productivity suite to a future one, such as the next version of Microsoft Office or an open-source alternative. This

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Munich throws out the Linux penguin

Migrating from MS Windows to Linux took Munich ten years for only three years of really using Linux. Now the flagship project of the city of Munich is about to be abandoned.

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Public review of German municipal eGovernment manual

Submitted by Gijs Hillenius on October 06, 2016 Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior is organising a three-month, online public review of a new manual for municipal eGovernment services. From 22 September until 30 November, a website will allow readers to comment on the document. The document,

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Key Strategies to Capture and Measure the Value of Consumerization of IT

In a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Trend Micro, results of an online survey of 202 BYOD program decision-makers in enterprises in the US, the UK, France, and Germany are reported. For the complete survey follow this LINK. Results from this study include (quote): “Enterprises

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US Department of Defense: Cloud Computing Strategy 2012

The DoD Cloud Computing Strategy has evolved to identify the most effective ways for the Department to capitalize on opportunities and take advantage of cloud computing benefits that accelerate IT delivery, efficiency, and innovation as an Enterprise. Read more …

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As cloud’s use expands, cloud SLAs more important than ever (quote) …

Karen Goulart (features writer for and in her article discusses the importance of service level agreements when entering cloud computing. “Recognizing the business value of one’s cloud service doesn’t, however, diminish the value of an SLA, CIOs and many experts insist. As more cloud offerings

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