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LiMux – the IT-evolution Status of migration / Munich 2013

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Government Experience with Open Source on the Desktop

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Open standards and open source software in central government (2011)

LETTER FROM THE NETHERLANDS COURT OF AUDIT to the Chairman of the Dutch House of Representatives¬†The Hague, March 15th 2011 We hereby present our report “Open standards and open source software in central government”, constituted on March 10th 2011.

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Cost Model for Upgrading Microsoft Office or Moving to

Author: Michael A. Silver (Gartner Research G00200621 from 28 May 2010 ) “It’s important to determine how much it will cost to move from an organization’s current office productivity suite to a future one, such as the next version of Microsoft Office or an open-source alternative. This

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Munich throws out the Linux penguin

Migrating from MS Windows to Linux took Munich ten years for only three years of really using Linux. Now the flagship project of the city of Munich is about to be abandoned.

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