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Smarter, Faster, Better eGovernment – 8th Benchmark Measurement | November 2009

excerpt: Country Report GERMANY … Germany achieved growth in broadband access and internet use. However eGovernment availability, and usage, particularly among business has slightly stagnated. Germany has a very comprehensive eGovernment programme, which is in a state of change, towards the new 2.0 paradigm of (e)participation, administrative

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Economic Efficiency Assessments with the WiBe framework

Planning and approving ICT projects requires founded, methodical calculation and documentation of pending costs and anticipated benefits – not just an exa­mi­na­tion of a project’s feasibility. … This is where the WiBe® Framework comes in.

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The WiBe Framework (Germany)

Overview of an European Measurement Approach to eGovernment Efficiency Assessment and User Satisfaction. Paper presented to Emilia-Romagna Regional Government in connection to research on “Creation and experimentation of a methodology for ex ante appraisal/evaluation of eGovernment investments” 2009/2010

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Presentation: WiBe Framework (2008)

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German WiBe framework and French MAREVA

summarized in  “European eGovernment 2005 – 2007 ” (September 2007), p 27-29, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media – eGovernment & CIP Operations, Editor: Jeremy Millard, Danish Technological Institute) ”The German WiBe (German Federal Ministry of the Interior, 2004) and the French MAREVA (ADAE, 2005) measurement

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WiBe Recommendation Version 4.0 (2004)

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