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Right from the beginning in 1992 we supported the implemen­tation and application of the WiBe Framework in Federal and State Government and in municipalities. As developers of concept and software we gained some valuable experience from a multiplicity of different (ICT-) projects and public institutions worldwide.

Our consulting service is neutral

and not platform or provider dependent.

In the “Compen­dium to the Measure­ment Frame­work” (edited by eGovernment Unit DG Information Society and Media European Commission, 2006)  WiBe is characterized as a comprehensive framework for efficiency assessments of projects in public administration of the member states. The Net­work “eGovern­ment Monitor Network” (2010) decribes WiBe as one of the very first profound measure­ment frameworks imple­mented in Europe.

Empowering project teams and/or organisational units to assess the economic efficiency of (ICT) projects based on WiBe.

  WiBe Framework


Fitting the WiBe to different national and/or institutional requirements – making the concept work and living up to the expecta­tions of decision makers and project managers (optional: WiBe software tailoring)

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Assess the economic efficiency (‘Business Case Development with WiBe 4.1’) of projects and procurement activities (conceptualization, data gathering, calculations, QA, documentation, presentation)

 WiBe Software


WiBe 2011 (WiBe 2014, forthcoming) is a browser based software tool with which the monetary impact and additional qualitative arguments can be assessed and documented.


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