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WiBe Recommendation 4.1 (2007)

Recommendations on Economic Efficiency Assessments in the German Federal Administration,

in Particular with Regard to the Use of Information Technology (current Version 4.1 – 2007; edited by WiBe-TEAM PR 2011 & 2013):


Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025: Meeting challenges, grasping opportunities

The digitalisation is changing the rules of our everyday lives, our careers, our entire economy and our society. We not only want to observe this rapid transition – we want to shape it. In Germany’s Digital Strategy 2025, we show how we plan to answer the questions

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Catalogue of criteria for ICT migration – WiBe Framework

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TCO Analysis of a Traditional Data Center vs. a Scalable, Containerized Data Center (2012)

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LiMux – the IT-evolution Status of migration / Munich 2013

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Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment (November 2009)

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McAfee 2011 Report – Mobility and Security

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Is Cloud Computing for you? Assessing the value of cloud computing for your organization (Copyright © 2011 Accenture)

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Clearing Away The Clouds (2009)

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Government Experience with Open Source on the Desktop

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