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WiBe Recommendation 4.1 (2007)

Recommendations on Economic Efficiency Assessments in the German Federal Administration,

in Particular with Regard to the Use of Information Technology (current Version 4.1 – 2007; edited by WiBe-TEAM PR 2011 & 2013):


A glimpse at Big Data and its economic potential in public administration

UK’s HM Government has already made a commitment to Big Data by classifying it as one of the ‘Eight Great Technologies’ which will propel the UK to future growth and help it stay ahead in the global race. The ‘Information Economy Strategy’ reports on the increase in

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Navigating the risks of storing information in the cloud (Marty Heinrich)

“The migration of information to the cloud is largely regarded as the next major step in enabling organizations to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. According to the Office of Management and Budget, an estimated $20 billion of the federal government’s $80 billion in IT spending is

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WiBe Software Tool

WiBe TCBO framework is supported by a browser based software tool. How to start with it: have a look at this

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BYOD/BYOA Give Enterprises a Head Start

by Wang Yuming, Huawei Enterprise Business Group 2013 It is said that the world has been shaped by three apples: Eve’s knowledge gain after eating an apple, Newton’s discovery of gravity by watching an apple fall from a tree, and Steve Jobs’ revolutionary Apple products. As a

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IT Project ROI and Business Case Toolkit for Economic Efficiency Assessments / free version 2018

This toolkit enables development of business cases for IT projects (© 2006-2011, Hall Consulting & Research LLC, All Rights Reserved. It helps organizations to assess, quantify, and communicate the costs, benefits, business value, and ROI of most types of enterprise-scale technology-based initiatives.  It also helps to

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Australian ICT Business Case Guide (2012)

This guide will assist Australian Public Service agencies to develop sound business cases when seeking to make significant ICT investments. Business cases developed in accordance with this guide are expected to be suitable for both internal decision making and as inputs to the ICT Two Pass Review

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Key Strategies to Capture and Measure the Value of Consumerization of IT

In a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Trend Micro, results of an online survey of 202 BYOD program decision-makers in enterprises in the US, the UK, France, and Germany are reported. For the complete survey follow this LINK. Results from this study include (quote): “Enterprises

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US Department of Defense: Cloud Computing Strategy 2012

The DoD Cloud Computing Strategy has evolved to identify the most effective ways for the Department to capitalize on opportunities and take advantage of cloud computing benefits that accelerate IT delivery, efficiency, and innovation as an Enterprise. Read more …

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As cloud’s use expands, cloud SLAs more important than ever (quote) …

Karen Goulart (features writer for and in her article discusses the importance of service level agreements when entering cloud computing. “Recognizing the business value of one’s cloud service doesn’t, however, diminish the value of an SLA, CIOs and many experts insist. As more cloud offerings

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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013 (from: Gartner Newsroom)

If you are looking for economical efficiency in your ITC project portfolio, you should be aware of ITC strategic trends … Analysts examine top industry trends at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, October 21-25, 2012, in Orlando. You will find all the informatione here, a very brief summary reads like

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